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Candle Pigment Grey

  • Packing: 5.0 kg/carton
  • Payment: T/T
  • MOQ: 1 kg (by courier); 50 kg (by sea)
  • Sample: free
  • Sample freight: on customer's account

Type No. 5909
Color Shade Grey
RGB Reference Color Value 50,53,50
Pantone Code 447C
Application Paraffin candle coloring
For Candle Surface/Whole Coloring Both are suitable
Adding percentage 0.1% - 0.5%

High concentration;
Stable color brilliance

Using Guidance
Manufacturing instructions: do not heat product over 100 for a long time
Suggested heat & time: approx. 80-90 108 minutes);90-100 86 minutesAccording to the temperature of paraffin.
Underground (bottom color): raw candle wax
Equipment: Stirring or airbrush machine with an appropriate dispersion disc.
Color shade comparison: please make sure that the color comparison is always made under equal light conditions. The best way is to compare under adjusted daylight tubs.
Instruction for candle surface coloring: the amount used refers to twice dips at 82, the time between is approx. 3 seconds. For dipping once, the amount used increase approx. 50%. This depends on the over the clear pint to have the additives well dissolved in the wax.
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