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Development of New Series Pigment

1) New Series Pigment for Birthday Candle (custom-made service)

In the application field of birthday candle, many producers are compelled to lower production cost because of various competitive factors. Our pigment series specialized for birthday candle can be produced with custom-made service according to customer’s samples when their order is relatively larger. We can test the weather resistance, heat resistance and standard color value of sample’s color. Through professional and systematic compound colors and confirmation of counter sample, the color can match customer’s sample over 90% to 95%. This series pigment is developed with high cost performance to meet diverse market demand and service.

2) New Series Pigment for Buddhism Candle 

In Chinese Buddhism candle field, most candles except lotus candles are using red and yellow (with different hue) as main colors. Our Colori series pigments for Buddhism candle are composed by seven basic colors, scarlet, rose red, lemon yellow, medium yellow, green, purple and blue. Through professional and systematic compound colors, this series pigment can be selected by producers to develop various visual effect colors.


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